30 credits - 9.99$ 4.99$ get -50% discount now!

30 credits - 9.99$ 4.99$ get -50% discount now!

Please take a look at this page. You will find answers to a lot of your questions.

If you don't find an answer to your question on this page, do not hesitate to contact us with your question

Registration and Publishing profiles

Q. - What does it cost to register on your site?
A. - Joining our site is absolutely free. Register now and meet single Russian and Ukrainian girls.

Q. - How do I publish my profile on your site?
A. - Click "Join" link. Please upload some recent pictures of yours and tell some information about you. You should fill out as many fields as you can on your profile. Please record Your personal profile code and password. You will need this info to edit Your profile. Profiles and photos are all subject to our approval process and may take anywhere between 24-72 hours to review. Any photos or profiles that do not adhere to our Terms of Use or are deemed unacceptable will be denied.

Q. - Why was my username rejected during registration?
A. - Username is your nickname on our site. It may only contain latin characters, digits and underscore. User name should be an unique.

Q. - What kind of photos can I post on my profile?
A. - You are to upload recent pictures of yours. The pictures must be morally decent, attractive and good-quality. It's strongly forbidden to post landscapes, drawings, animals, other people's photos, and nudity.

Q. - I cannot complete my registration! I do not get the confirmation letter. What to do?
A. - You should contact our support, we will help you out.

Q. - How to remove my profile from the site?
A. - You can do it by contacting our support. All your data will be erased irretrievably. Once you confirm your wish to be deleted all data about you will be totally removed and it won't be possible to restore it afterwards. Keep this in mind before profile removal.

Q. - May I put some contact information on my profile?
A. - No, it is strictly forbidden to put any contact information on a profile. Violating this rule may cause to account termination. Read our Terms of Use for more details.

About payments.

Q. - How much should I pay for membership?
A. - Unlike other dating sites, we don't charge membership, monthly or other upgrade fees. Pay only for the service you use!

Q. - What should I do to use all your services (messaging, live chat, etc)?
A. - You should first buy some credits.

Q. - Will I be charged automatically after my membership finishes?
A. - No, we do not perform automatic rebills or future payments.

Q. - What currencies do you accept?
A. - If you pay by card online, we accept all currencies.

Q. - Can I pay by sms message?
A. - Please note that payment by sms message is not avaliable.

Q. - Will you charge my credit card automatically after my first payment?
A. - We never charge your credit card automatically without your will. Only you can buy credits when needed and only in this case you are charged.

Q. - I was asked to fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form. Why should I fill it?
A. - Sometimes our processing bank requires filling out credit card authorization forms from our customers who did numerous atypical payments. All information entered on this form will be filed to our processing bank under strict confidentiality. Your card will never be autobilled. Your completion of this authorization form helps us to avoid credit card fraud.

General Questions

Q. - Women of what age are presented on the site?
A. - Minimum age is 18.

Q. - I want to find a specific lady's profile. How do I do this?
A. - You can use many search options: age, height, weight, eyes and hair color, body type and many other criteria are available. Just click "Search" button on the home page.

Q. - I created a profile but I can neither read nor write letters. Why?
A. - Sometimes we need time to review and approve new profiles. Be patient. It usually takes from 1 to 10 hours.

Q. - I am for the first time on your site. Are all girls there real?
A. - We closely check all new female profiles, request copies of their documents and interview our ladies before publishing them on the site. Our specialists are doing a lot of work keeping scammers and fake profiles out of the site. The best way to check if a women you like is real is to spend some minutes with her in video chat.

Q. - I cannot view all girls' photos in your gallery. Why?
A. - You need to register on site.

Q. - How do women get to your site?
A. - The women you see in our gallery are real clients of our agency.

Q. - Men from what countries are more interesting to Russian and Ukrainian women?
A. - Men from western countries - the USA and Canada, Western Europe, Australia.

Q. - Men of what age are of interest to Ukrainian and Russian women?
A. - We have women of different age groups, that's why every man has chances. It is not uncommon for Ukrainian women to marry older men. If you are going to marry a woman, you might want to learn how to look beyond those. Of course, there are limits. If you are 40 and are looking for an 18-year-old bride, this might be a bit of a stretch, but 22-25 years old is ok. Remember that every person has their own standards. Some women don't mind a significant age difference, while others do. They usually indicate their age preference in their profiles.

Q. - How do I find out whether she knows English?
A. - You can check the field "English Proficiency" in a lady's profile.

Q. - I did not find a comprehensive answer in the FAQ. What to do?
A. - Feel free to contact our support team.

Q. - I'd like to contact the administration of the site personally. May I?
A. - Yes, write to our support to learn how you can get in touch with the administration.

Q. - I'd like to correspond via emails. Why should I correspond through your site?
A. - There are several reasons for that. Some our female clients do not speak English well and use the translation service. We are trying to assure safety of our clients and we are consistent with anti-scam policy. Our employees transparently screen the correspondence and detect scam attempts. This way we on the one hand prevent any cases of scam (we check our ladies profiles and documents and monitor their activity on the site).

Q. - There are many free sites on the net. Why should I pay on your site?
A. - That's true. If you need mere communication through the web, you will find many free sites on the internet. Our site is not for you in this case because we are specialized in serious dating and relations. We differ from many other sites because we offer the exclusive services for single gentlemen who are looking for love: bilateral Live Video Chat, Video Presentations, Gifts Delivery and Romance Tours. We provide ladies with free translation services, free internet and webcam access to boost your communication. We check women before posting them to our gallery and screen their activity in order to protect men from scam and money loss. We help our customers in arranging real life meetings with women they fell in love with. And we are appreciated by our clients for that.

Q. - Can I speak to you over the phone?
A. - Yes, write to our support to get our contact phone number.

Q. - Can I ask you about something confidential? Are your female clients aware of what I write to the administration?
A. - You can fully rely on us. We can guarantee the confidentiality of your correspondence with us and with our women.

Q. - I found a bug on the site. Are you interested?
A. - Yes, we are always trying to improve our site performance and fix all errors. Please, report the bug to our support.

Q. - I think that some ladies are not serious. May I report them?
A. - Yes, your reports will be very helpful for us. If you feel that a lady is not serious about marriage, contact our support to report her.

Q. - I was asked by a lady to send money. What should I do?
A. - The first thing you should do is not to send any money! The second thing is to report a lady who asks you for money.


Q. - May I send my email or other contact info in my letters?
A. - It's forbidden by our policy to send your contact information (emails, phone numbers, etc) in your letters. Our filtering system will anyway cut out this information and your profile can be deactivated. You can get your lady's contact information in a different way.

Q. - I speak a bit Russian. May I write letters in Russian with Cyrillic characters?
A. - Yes, our site fully supports Cyrillic characters and you can communicate in Russian or Ukrainian.

Q. - What are Presentation Letters?
A. - Presentation letters are pre-written letters that are sent by a lady to all men who match her age criteria. They are meant to draw attention to a lady and promote further correspondence. In other words, a lady "presents" herself. If any of these presentation letters attracted your interest you can reply and continue communication.

Live Video Chat

Q. - How do I start chatting with the woman?
A. - Select a lady you want to chat with by clicking on her name and write her a Hello. If you accept a lady's invitation the chat session is started automatically.

Q. - How do I watch a woman?
A. - Just click on the button "Start watching woman" if it turns active. Note that the woman you would like to look at needs to have her webcam on.

Q. - How do I let the women see me?
A. - You can let a certain woman see the video from your webcam only when you are having an active chat session with her.

Q. - How do I finish online chat and stop being charged?
A. - To finish your chat session with a certain woman you should click "Close" button next to her name in your contact list. Note that you can still watch the lady after closing a session with her! On closing Live Chat page all active sessions and video streams are automatically aborted.

Q. - I have problems with video chat. It is not working or is working not properly. How can I solve this problem?
A. - It seems like you have an old version of your browser or some necessary components are not installed. Contact our support and describe the problem with all details. We will help you make it work.

Q. - Where are these women accessing the online services and Video Chat, at home or a mutual gathering place?
A. - The ladies can access online services both from home as well as from offices of our affiliates.

Gifts Delivery

Q. - How long does it take to deliver a gift to a lady?
A. - We do our best to deliver your gift to a lady in five days.

Q. - How can I be sure that my gift was delivered to my lady?
A. - As a proof we take photos of your lady holding the gift and send them to you.

Q. - How do I order a gift for a lady?
A. - Just click 'Send a Present' in a lady's profile and select the present (flowers, toys, perfumes, etc).

Q. - Can I send an exclusive gift that is not listed on your site
A. - Yes, it is possible. Contact our support to learn how to do it.

Contacts and Real-Life Meetings

Q. - How do I receive contact details of a lady from the site?
A. - To receive contact details of the lady you should request Contact Info. After that your request for obtaining contact information will be forwarded to one of our agents in Ukraine and if the lady does not mind sharing her contact info with you, you will get the reply soon.

Q. - The lady's contact details you gave me are not correct. What to do?
A. - Do not hesitate to contact support. Though we check through contact details we give to men, sometimes errors occur. We have to rely on our agents in this matter and ready to return credits if an address is wrong.

Q. - I'd like to come to see a lady from your site. Can you help me arrange my trip?
A. - Yes, we can help. We need some information to start with: your lady's ID, an approx date of your arrival and a period of your stay.

Q. - How am I supposed to come and see the lady I like?
A. - We usually suggest people two variants: 1. You can get lady's contact details through the site and arrange a trip to her on your own. In this case we do not assist, you and your girlfriend should be ready to make all arrangements. This is the cheapest but not much convenient variant. 2. You can use our Romance Tour service. In this case our representatives in Ukraine take all responsibility for your visit. They will organize airport transfer, apartments, personal driver, interpreter, your leisure time, romantic events, daily meals, etc.

Q. - I do not want your Romance tours. How can I meet my lady?
A. - You can get your lady's contact details through the site (click 'Request Contact Info') and arrange a trip to her on your own.

Q. - What is the Romance tour cost?
A. - Note that the cost of your romance tour and the list of services may vary much depending on the city/cities you are going to visit. The cost also depends on how many days you are going to stay. Write to our support for details.